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Liability Insurance

General Liability

All commercial venues of every type need to be liability conscious. Protection for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims may be insured under a Commercial General Liability Coverage Form which includes coverage for both premises and products-completed operations exposures.

Directors & Officers (D & O)

Directors’ and officers’ liability coverage is necessary to protect directors, officers and companies exposed to potential liability claims.


Business personal property coverage under this form may be written to cover all contents and personal property belonging to the insured, located as described, for a specified amount of protection. Tenant improvements and betterments are important coverage that we always recommend.

Any of the following categories of personal property may be covered by endorsement under the form as a separate item: stock; contents except stock; machinery and equipment; furniture; fixtures, and tenant improvements and betterments.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers the insured company, its directors and officers, and its employees for liability arising from

Excess Umbrella

Umbrella insurance, or excess liability, is designed for cases in which an accident or similar claim exceeds the coverage, and offers additional funds to come in to cover any amount above the normal value. Although umbrella insurance policies used to be costly, only affordable for the well off businesses, it might be even more costly not to get umbrella insurance

After all, once you consider the cost of an accident, there may be the high costs of medical treatment from a hospital, the lost wages from not being able to be at the job, as well as the possible mental therapy. This is not to mention all the legal ramifications that results from dragging out the eventual court case. Sadly, liability insurance can only cover so much, and if costs of it all exceed the coverage, an umbrella insurance policy is really the only cure. Let Garcia Insurance help you get the coverage you need.

Medical Malpractice Liability

Medical malpractice insurance provides protection for members of the healthcare industry for claims brought against them by third parties.

Whether you are a solo physician who has had complications locating coverage because unfortunate circumstances or a or a community-based hospital seeking alternative solutions to your Medical Malpractice insurance needs, Garcia Insurance can help.


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insures loss due to statutory liability of employer as a result of personal injury or death suffered by employees in the course of their employment, providing compensation in amounts prescribed by law. When a compensation act does not apply, employer’s liability coverage under a liability coverage form or commercial general liability coverage form is recommended.

Experience Modification

A primary focus is to achieve the lowest possible experience modification (x-mod). Your x-mod impacts your upfront premium and your daily cash flow. A low x-mod can give you a significant competitive advantage. A high x-mod could literally make your insurance costs unmanageable. One bad year, one over-reserved claim, or one avoidable accident will affect your x-mod for three years. The effect of our review of open claims on current and past policies is of significant value to your company.

Claims Management

We consistently review all open claims that impact your x-mod and the marketability of your insurance. We encourage the adjuster to be proactive and follow an aggressive action plan toward claim closure. Our combined expertise and excellent working relationships with the various claims adjusters make our claim reviews truly beneficial to our clients. This effective service reduces your experience modification.

Effective claims management is even more important in open rating because a lower loss ratio directly lowers your premium. An industry fact is that some files get more attention than others because of sheer numbers and time. Our client’s claim files receive the proper attention.

At Garcia we evaluate our carriers based on the number of files handled by each adjuster and how aggressively they manage those files.

Engineering/Loss Control

Naturally the best solution is to avoid all claims, but that is unrealistic. However, preventing as many accidents as possible allows us to start from a more desirable position. We will coordinate loss control services from the insurance company, for safety meetings, inspections, and training.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Senate Bill 198 is a California labor code addition which requires all employers to establish and maintain an effective and written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). We will coordinate with the loss control consultant specialist from your new carrier to develop and implement the program. If you already have an IIPP one of our representatives will review it and suggest any changes to keep you in compliance.


The more both you and your employees know about workers’ compensation the better. An employee is less likely to litigate if he or she knows how much you pay to ensure all of his or hers medical bills and permanent and temporary disability. An injured employee is contacted expeditiously by the claims adjuster to provide benefits quickly and decrease litigation potential.


Commercial Property Insurace

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect your business against the loss of use of company property. Property can include: lost income or business interruption, buildings, computers, money and valuable papers.

Different types of property insurance policies protect against different risks or policies are often tailored to fit the need of a particular business. However, there are two types of policies: named-peril policies and all-risk policies.

You can also buy separate policies to protect your property against perils that might be excluded from your property insurance, or for those items for which you need specific coverage. These coverages include the following:

Based on years of experience insuring businesses, Garcia Insurance can combine different types of protection that business owners need most into one cost-effective plan.

Let us help you find the right protection.


Commercial Vehicle

Protecting your Business

Businesses understand the importance of having reliable commercial auto insurance for their company vehicles. You would not drive your personal automobile without insurance, why would you not protect your company vehicles as well?

Vehicles involved in an accident while engaged in company business are not likely covered in your personal insurance. To avoid any misrepresentation on your personal policy and to make sure you have the right coverage on your vehicles, our sales representatives can help you choose the right policy. Garcia Insurance provides comprehensive commercial auto insurance, offering businesses a myriad of coverages and a broad acceptability of vehicles and drivers.

Find out how we can meet your commercial auto needs.


Surety Bonds

A surety bond program can be the life line of a construction company. Garcia Insurance strives to develop bond programs that meet all the needs of our clients. We look to help establish short term tactical goals that follow the long term strategic direction of the companies we bond. We work very closely with our many clients in the construction industry to implement a surety management plan.


Earthquake Insurance

Taking the pro-active approach

Earthquake insurance is necessary because earthquakes in California are a fact of life. Most homeowners and commercial property policies exclude coverage for earthquake damage and earthquake sprinkler leakage. If you own a home, apartment building, office, industrial or mercantile property in California, you need to consider purchasing earthquake coverage. Because earthquake insurance is a type of catastrophic coverage, most policies are high deductible, usually from 5-15 percent of the coverage you purchased. Generally older properties cost more to insure than new, wood frames buildings have lower premiums than brick, due to the flexibility of the structure.

How much earthquake insurance coverage should you buy?

When estimating the size of an earthquake insurance policy, remember that you should purchase enough to cover the cost of completely rebuilding your property. These costs should be based on replacement and reconstruction costs, up to building code levels, not the fair market value of your property.

For some property owners, earthquake insurance is essential. For others it carries an unnecessary expense. Earthquakes are unpredictable; however, what would the impact be on your cash flow if you were not prepared? How much could you afford to lose?

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