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Safety and Workplace Risk Management

Services for Builders/Contractors

One of the foundations of our many years in business has been our role as full-service insurance consultants and agents for a large number of the best companies in the construction industry. Ask around and you will find that we know your business intimately and thus are able to customize a risk management program that maximizes your coverage while minimizing the cost of buying it.

We know that construction is a very challenging industry and we’re extremely well prepared to help you prepare for the potential challenges and liabilities along the way.


Loss Control

Regardless of the size of your company, you need insurance professionals who know your business and possess the experience and technical knowledge to develop effective loss control solutions.

Our loss control experts work to evaluate exposures, support on-going safety initiatives, assist with regulatory compliance and revitalize the effectiveness of existing safety programs. By doing so, they help you reduce your potential for loss and manage the impact of losses and the cost of insurance to your operation.


Claims Management

Let Garcia Insurance help reduce costs and increase your operational efficiency by improving your claims management practices.

Effective claims management is the only vehicle for cost reduction after an incident occurs. A Garcia Insurance claims management assessment provides a clear understanding of how your experience compares with established best practice protocols.

We can determine if your claims management experiences are in keeping with timely, efficient and cost effective practices and make recommendations to correct identified deficiencies.


Safety and Workplace Risk Management

Preventing injuries of all kinds and mitigating the risk of potentially hazardous operations is a specialty at Garcia Insurance. We take a very proactive approach to helping you assess potential problems to help minimize your liability and enhance the safety of everyone in your company. This is one of several ways that we add value to you based on many years of experience working with the top companies in the Coachella Valley.

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