Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect your business against the loss of use of company property. Property can include: lost income or business interruption, buildings, computers, money and valuable papers.

Different types of property insurance policies protect against different risks or policies are often tailored to fit the need of a particular business. However, there are two types of policies: named-peril policies and all-risk policies.

  • Named-peril policies protect against losses resulting from only those perils in the policy names.
  • All-risk policies protects against all perils except those specifically named. Most businesses are benefited with an all-risk policy, as it offers broad coverage rather than item-by-item coverage.

You can also buy separate policies to protect your property against perils that might be excluded from your property insurance, or for those items for which you need specific coverage. These coverages include the following:

  • Flood
  • Crime
  • Inland Marine
  • Automobile
  • Cargo
  • Fire

Based on years of experience insuring businesses, Garcia Insurance can combine different types of protection that business owners need most into one cost-effective plan.

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