General Liability Insurance

General Liability

All commercial venues of every type need to be liability conscious. Protection for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims may be insured under a Commercial General Liability Coverage Form which includes coverage for both premises and products-completed operations exposures.

Directors & Officers (D & O)

Directors’ and officers’ liability coverage is necessary to protect directors, officers and companies exposed to potential liability claims.


Business personal property coverage under this form may be written to cover all contents and personal property belonging to the insured, located as described, for a specified amount of protection. Tenant improvements and betterments are important coverage that we always recommend.

Any of the following categories of personal property may be covered by endorsement under the form as a separate item: stock; contents except stock; machinery and equipment; furniture; fixtures, and tenant improvements and betterments.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers the insured company, its directors and officers, and its employees for liability arising from

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination for age, gender, race or other protected classes

Excess Umbrella

Umbrella insurance, or excess liability, is designed for cases in which an accident or similar claim exceeds the coverage, and offers additional funds to come in to cover any amount above the normal value. Although umbrella insurance policies used to be costly, only affordable for the well off businesses, it might be even more costly not to get umbrella insurance

After all, once you consider the cost of an accident, there may be the high costs of medical treatment from a hospital, the lost wages from not being able to be at the job, as well as the possible mental therapy. This is not to mention all the legal ramifications that results from dragging out the eventual court case. Sadly, liability insurance can only cover so much, and if costs of it all exceed the coverage, an umbrella insurance policy is really the only cure. Let Garcia Insurance help you get the coverage you need.

Medical Malpractice Liability

Medical malpractice insurance provides protection for members of the healthcare industry for claims brought against them by third parties.

Whether you are a solo physician who has had complications locating coverage because unfortunate circumstances or a or a community-based hospital seeking alternative solutions to your Medical Malpractice insurance needs, Garcia Insurance can help.

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